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About Fairfield Inflatables, LLC

Who We Are

In April of 2023 Nick & Christina Aysseh purchased Fairfield Inflatables, LLC after being clients of the business for 8+ years. Their children had been fortunate enough to have these inflatables at both of their birthday parties since they were the age of one.  The company was created over 25 years ago and has developed a wonderful reputation for customer service and quality. At Fairfield Inflatables, we believe that offering the best rentals can make a big difference in the lives of our customers. We strive to be the best inflatable rental business in the area.  

Fairfield Inflatables is not your ordinary bounce house rental company. We try to make our clients experience unique by leaving the rentals with you longer than anyone else. When possible, we leave our rentals for up to 24 hours. We never want to show up to pick up an inflatable while the party is still going. 

Nick and Christina are the proud parents of Austin (10) and Charlotte (8). They are residents of Fairfield and involved in the community and their children's school in many ways. They both love giving back as well as helping to make people's parties and events a wonderful and memorable experience. They will ensure that your experience is top notch or do whatever is needed to make it right. 

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